App Submission Process

In order to publish your apps on the app stores you are required to have App Store Developer and Google Play Developer program account.

Legally, Venn Apps is unable to register for the developer programs on your behalf and representative from your company will have to do this.

Each program has costs associated with them which will be billed for directly with Apple and Google.

App Store Registration

You will need your own App Store Developer account before we can submit your iOS app to Apple on your behalf. You can sign up to the Apple Developer Program here.

The Apple developer program has an annual fee of $99 USD per year.

You will also require a DUNS number in order to complete your registration.

If you do not have a DUNS number for your business you can apply directly here 

Google Play Registration

You will need your own Google Play Developer account before we can submit your Android app to Google on your behalf. You can sign up to the Google Play Developer Program here.

The Google Play developer program has a one time fee of $25 USD.

A four-step guide for creating and publishing your iOS & Android app

Venn Apps Shopify App Installation and theme set up

Step 1

Venn Apps Shopify App Installation & Theme/Homepage Set Up

  • Install Venn Apps Shopify app
  • Next, follow the steps to choose and customise your app’s theme.
  • Use the homepage editor to build and preview your homepage.
  • Once you have saved your updates please contact the Venn Apps team via intercom to let them know you have completed the configuration.

Why do I need to get in contact with Venn Apps after completing the configuration?

Design & Set Up

Step 2 (Optional)

Venn Apps design process

  • If you would like a more complex app set up the Venn Apps team will work closely with you and your team to carry out the final touches of the design your app.
  • If you wish to engage with the Venn Apps design team in the design of your app you will provided with a demo build of your app – this app will be distributed via firebase and will be organised by the Venn Apps onboarding team.

Please note:

  • The Venn Apps design process is optional – it is possible for the Venn Apps team to go ahead and submit your app after you have built and themed your app in Step 1.

Step 3


  • Venn Apps will deploy the app for you (Once the app is live you do not need to involve the Venn Apps team in updating your app)
  • The manual steps associated with releasing native mobile apps mean you cannot initially launch an app without support from the Venn Apps team.
  • This process can take several days as it requires both Apple and Google to review and approve your app.
  • It is possible to contact the Venn Apps team for updates on the status of your app submission via intercom in the Venn Apps Shopify App.
  • If your app is rejected changes will be requested by Apple and/or Google
  • These changes will be implemented by Venn Apps.
  • Venn Apps will continue to carry out changes requested by Apple and/or Google until the app is ready for release.

Step 4


  • Once Apple and Google have approved the app, Venn Apps will release your app on the respective app stores.
  • When the app is live on both app stores your account manager at Venn Apps will guide you through best practices to ensure you get the most out of your app.

Once these 4 steps are complete, you’re ready to go!